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Y2 Academy is the first #1 New SAT Score program that guarantees at least a 320 point increase or a minimum score of 1520. Learn from the most qualified faculties of the reputed SAT Prep Classes NJ. We also guarantee an ACT test prep courses score 6 point increase or a minimum score of 34. SAT coaching classes assures that if the guaranteed score is not attained, free tuition is available for the following College Board New SAT Test or the ACT Test during the school year.

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Our School

When applying for colleges, the three most important factors to consider are GPA (Grade Point Average), standardized test scores (such as the SATs, ACTs, etc.), and proper completion of application packages. Because it is essential for a student to manage his/her GPA and keep it high, Y2 Academy not only offers preparation classes for the SAT but also a GPA Management course for high school and middle school students. The GPA Management class encompasses subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, History, and Foreign/World Languages.​

Preparing a college application package can be a difficult and daunting task, and is one of the most important parts of the application process. Top colleges look to the application package as a sort of resume, where a student provides information on his/her academic achievements, leadership positions, challenges, and extra-curricular activities. Y2 Academy considers all of these factors and maintains a program called “Ivy Plus Membership.” Please contact one of our offices to discuss how Ivy Plus Membership can assist your child in the college application process and assist them in achieving at their greatest possible potential.​

Educational Objectives

  • It is our goal not only to strengthen the academic skills of students but also to motivate students to set higher standards for themselves both academically and personally.

  • By providing a competitive nurturing environment, we encourage students to strive for success in all areas of their lives.

  • We will teach students to be better equipped with the critical thinking skills that are necessary to achieve laudable grades in their schools and that they will be able to carry forward into their future careers.

  • We stress to students the importance of dedication, maturity, responsibility, and mastery so that they will be encouraged and able to develop their capacity. It is our desire and sincerest hope that, having learned the values of these virtues, they will go on to make important contributions to our communities and our country in the future.

  • By hiring only the best-certified teachers and placing an appropriately high value on education and experience in an instructor’s background, we ensure that we can provide instruction for Y2 Academy students that is of the highest possible quality.

Our Goals

Our mission statement:

It is our mission as educators to set our sights beyond the pursuit of high scores: to consistently meet and surpass the expectations of the students and parents with whom we work and to instill in our students the self-discipline essential to be successful in today’s competitive society. Academic strength and ability are essential to excelling as a student, but success is achieved through the possession of additional qualities, such as intelligence, confidence, humility, and politeness. Through classroom encouragement, counseling, and positive reinforcement, we strive to imbue our students with these virtues, and in so doing, encourage their growth as confident and self-respecting individuals.

Here at Y2 Academy, we are particularly proud of our:

  • Well-chosen study materials, including a wide variety of textbooks, practice workbooks, test materials, and other supplementary resources.

  • Our well-organized management system, which induces student motivation and fosters a commitment to achieving their highest level of success.

  • After-hours tutoring: After the regular class is over, students have the option to seek help on any information with which they were having trouble during class. Upon request, he/she can come for extra help without any extra cost.

What makes Y2 Academy stand out?

  • Y2 Academy was founded in 1995 by Terry Yang. His educational goal was not only to strengthen the academic skills of students but also to motivate them to set higher standards for future success.

  • Y2 Academy uses a patented methodology to prepare for the New SAT.

  • Y2 Academy has 20+ years of SAT coaching experience and has prepared thousands of students.

  •  We select instructors with a rigorous screening process. Those hired have a history of very high SAT and ACT scores and outstanding educational credentials. This is key to our success that our students can improve ACT & SAT scores easily.

  • We provide easy access to online materials aligned with the New SAT and the ACT.

  • We offer full-length practice New SAT and ACT tests. Join the SAT and ACT Test prep tutoring in Cherry Hill & learn the standards for a bright future.

  • We prepare individual study programs and provide required classroom instruction materials in subjects that need improvement.

  • Our only focus is to improve your score and enable you to realize your dreams of getting admission to a school of your choice. Call us to see what Y2 Academy can do for you!

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Our only focus is to improve your score and enable you to realize your dreams of getting admission to a school of your choice. Call us to see what Y2 Academy can do for you!