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Is there any way to improve a student’s academic GPA if he or she is struggling in calculus, chemistry, statistics, etc.?

Y2 Academy offers GPA management classes in a variety of subjects. Please call our office to find out if we can provide one-on-one instruction in an area your child is struggling with. Though most sessions are one-on-one, up to three students may be tutored in the same subject. If a second student joins the tutoring session, 10 hours will be credited to the first student’s tutoring schedule. If a third student joins the tutoring session, 20 hours will be credited to the first student’s tutoring schedule and 10 to the second student’s tutoring schedule. We offer instruction in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Statistics, Literature, History, Calculus, Latin, and Spanish.

Why are so many Y2 students accepted at prestigious colleges?

Y2 Academy staff members are experienced with helping students successfully enter the institution of their choice. We provide an excellent college consulting program free of charge for a limited time and then provide more in-depth consultation and guidance for a fee. Knowledgeable staffers provide assistance with resume building, college application processing (both paper and online), interview training, activity lists, and the all-important college application essay.

What is Y2 Academy’s attendance policy?

As stated in the answer above, all planned/anticipated absences must be reported at the time of registration in order for the student to be eligible for makeup credit classes in the following semester. Excused absences include extracurricular activities, academic programs, and scheduled trips. Unexcused absences include illness, social events, and other personal matters. If a student misses class, he or she is responsible for picking up the daily packet from one of our staff members, or if the packet cannot be obtained during business hours, in the mailbox near our front door.

Can students register in the middle of the summer semester?

No. Students must register before the summer semester begins, as the program is very popular and seating is limited. If a student cannot be present for a significant amount of time during the summer due to extracurricular activities, academic programs, trips abroad, etc., the student will be credited for the missed class days in the following semester. All planned absences must be reported at the time of registration in order for the student to be eligible for the makeup credit classes. Please see the following question, which addresses our attendance policy.

Can students register in the middle of the semester during the school year?

Yes. The student’s tuition will be prorated according to how many weeks remain in the fall or spring semester.

What is the typical size of an SAT class at Y2 Academy?
Our average class size ranges between 10 and 15 students. We group our students by 5 specific levels of ability, an arrangement we find is the most beneficial to the student and the instructor in terms of individual attention, classroom management, and productivity.

Who teaches at Y2 Academy?

All of our teachers are fully certified and teach at local colleges or high schools. Every one of our qualified instructors has earned a Master’s degree in their respective subject areas and many of them have earned their Ph.D.

What is the Test Results Analysis System?

This is a system that was developed by Y2 Academy staff members for the exclusive benefit of our school’s students. Y2 staff members do not score tests manually we use a special program that reads the scantron results of a student’s test and then detects the student’s strong and weak areas in math, critical reading, writing, and vocabulary by a system of codes. Y2 Academy then provides each student with IMS (Individualized Makeup Study) materials that are targeted to help improve student performance in the specific areas with which they are struggling. The placement tests we use in this system are administered every class day, in order to track student progress.

How does Y2 Academy generate so many perfect scores?

The generation of so many perfect scores on all of the sections of the SAT can be attributed to the Y2 Achievement System, developed by Y2 Academy staff. The system includes online homework checks and test analysis systems for monitoring student’s progress. Student’s performance on the online homework we assign is directly correlated to their performance on the SAT exam. Students are required to attempt the online homework twice and then come to class prepared to ask their instructors about any questions they could not answer after a 2nd trial. Our leveled class structure groups students according to ability so that the questions being asked will benefit as many other members of the class as possible.

What is the Y2 Academy SAT Guarantee Program?

Y2 Academy is the 1st SAT prep center in the United States to guarantee a 320-point increase in your child’s score or a minimum score of 1520 on the New SAT. We also guarantee a 6-point increase or a minimum score of 34 out of 36 perfect scores on the ACT.

Why is Y2 Academy considered to be the #1 SAT prep program in the United States?

Proof of Y2’s #1 status lies in the number of perfect scores generated on every section of the SAT, the number of PSAT perfect scores, the number of students entering prestigious colleges, and the number of National Merit Scholarships earned by our students. Since 2008, at least one or two of our students have been National Merit Scholarship finalists each year.