Branch opening - Y2academy


Before opening a branch

Resume:Applicants need to send his or her resume to the Main Office in order to set up the first meeting. The qualification of the applicant is to 4 Years of College Degree in an accredited college or university.

Financial resource:Initial payment for the main office $80,000. Plus about $$40,000~70,000 for office & classrooms, equipment, supplies, marketing, etc. Total $120,000~$150,000 estimated. But, on the Grand Opening Day, about 10 registrations on average are used to be made so that about $40,000 will be returned in a month quickly.

First meeting Fee $500 non-refundable:This first deposit becomes a credit towards the initial payment, which is collected at the time you sign the actual agreement with Y2 Academy Main Office. This meeting lasts about 4 hours.

Location:A prospective location of Y2 Academy is recommended by Y2 Academy Main Office.

The second meetingis set up after the first meeting, approximately 3 hours long. At this time, a non-refundable 10% deposit of the initial payment ($8,000) is required. The applicant will receive the agreement form to review within 10 days.

Sign up: At the third meeting, the applicant will sign the agreement with the balance of the initial payment due at that time.

Training & Education: After the paperwork is finalized, the applicant will receive help with related information such as finding location and office supplies, how to hire teachers, the best way to market, training, and education on how to use the Y2 Online system, Open House preparation, etc.

Open House: Within 3~4 months after Signing up, the prospective branch director will host an Open House for their Grand Opening. Students and parents attending the Open House are scheduled to receive a special discount of $500 if they register at the Grand Opening. This discount will help to support the new branch. CEO & Founder of Y2 Academy and other staff members will celebrate and provide a presentation of the Y2 system for the attendants. Usually, about 10 registrations will be made at Open House.

branch-opening Y2 Academy
After opening a branch

10% royalty from tuition
Material/Development Fee and AWS(Amazon Web Services) Fee for Online access:
Sharing advertisement fee with other branches as long as the new location is in the range of delivery of the adv.

Details on the above and other information are on the agreement paper that the applicant will receive at the second meeting.