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SAT II (Subject Test)

Most universities, including Ivy Leagues, require students to take the SAT as well as the
SAT Subject Test, which is a subject specific test. The scores from at least 2 subject tests are
required, but it is beneficial for students to take 3-5 subject tests. A student is allowed to choose
the top 2 scores out of all the subject tests he/she takes. Moreover, it is better to prepare for
more than 2 subject tests because colleges may require different subjects. For example,
if a student wants to major in engineering, math, or pre-med, he/she is expected to take the
SAT Subject Tests for math and science. In addition, every college offers study abroad programs
so students are encouraged to take at least 1 subject test in a foreign/world language.

Students often think that the SAT Subject Test must be taken in their junior year of high school,
but this is not true. Any 9th or 10th grade student who is taking the subjects that are related to
the subject tests or (who have a high GPA) should sign up for the SAT Subject Test. It is better
for students to take these tests during the months of May or June so that they will not forget
the information acquired during that school year. Because students in their third year will be
occupied with college applications and various tests to prepare for college, it will certainly be
beneficial for students to take the subject tests as early as possible.

The following is a list of subject tests that the College Board offers 6 times a year:
Literature; Math (Level 1 and 2): for Math, Science, Pre-Med majors; Biology; Physics;
US History; World History (European History is not included); Foreign/World Languages:
Spanish, German, French, Italian, Latin, Chinese/Japanese/Korean
(held only once a year, every November)