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The ACT (American College Test) is an alternative standardized test for college admission candidates. The ACT includes science subjects such as earth science, physical science, and biology, as well as English (Reading and Writing) and Math. Therefore, most colleges accept ACT scores in place of SAT and SAT subject test (or SAT II) scores together. If a student achieves 32 out of 36 on his/her composite score, he/she would be qualified to apply for most of prestigious colleges. But if the goal is to attend Ivy League colleges or other top tier colleges, you may need a composite score of 33 out of 36, which is close to 740 point average for each subject on the SAT and SAT II. There are 6 tests a year in February, April, June, September, October, and December. All ACT testing dates are scheduled on different days from SAT testing dates. On the ACT test, students are permitted to use a calculator on the Math sections only.