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GPA Management Class

GPA (Grade Point Average) Management Class is similar to an Individual Tutoring Program.The Y2 Academy GPA Management Class is comprised of two different options:

The first option pertains to the advanced student. Advanced students do not need extra help with coursework; however, this student may want to advance beyond the classroom.

By giving this student a platform for higher development, he/she will be better suited in attaining the levels colleges have come to expect from students.

The second option pertains to the student who is behind. One of the most difficult, and most important, things to deal with for a student is catching up with the rest of the class when they fall behind. GPA Management Class can be instrumental in this process.

By using a structured-class format, we are able to ensure more effective results for students as opposed to self-study. Our class sizes are no larger than three students, so our certified teachers can pay special attention to students who need it.

Our curriculum of GPA Management Class entails Essay Writing, SAT Subject Test Prep, AP Test Prep, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.