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Impactive Solution – Y2 Online System

1. Easy Accessibility to Wrong Answered Questions for Review:
Is there any way to easy access my wrong answered questions/homework done several days and weeks ago? I cannot remember where I placed my study materials, even though I received them a couple days ago. But I need to review them right away.

Solution: WAQ (Wrong Answered Question) on Y2 Online System

2. Weak Area Detection:
I have previously enrolled in several different learning centers, but I’m still not sure which areas I’m weak in and need to make up for.

Solution: Test Analysis System with IMS Codes

3. Focusing on Weak Areas:
I want to skip easy and already known questions so that I can focus on my weak
and difficult areas.

Solution: IMS through more than 16 PT (Placement Test) Tests

4. Online Study continuously even after semester:
Even after the semester is done, is there any way to continue studying in order to improve more without going to the learning center that I attended?

Solution: Data Base System including Online Test & Online Homework

5.Record and Memory
Human being’s memory is limited so that I should study back all previous test questions and teacher’s lessons, but I can’t remember where to get them.

Solution: View & Edit on Completed Tests