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Online Diagnostic Test

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our advanced study system!
It is a highly effective and state of the art way to prepare you for the SAT or ACT exams.

1. Online Test + Online Remote Class + Online Study =
Integrated Online System – the Perfect Solution!

Y2 Academy created the Y2 Online System and received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office back in 2020. This means the Y2 Online System is unique, efficient, and an ideal system for your test preparation needs. The live lessons and study materials are available anywhere internet access is available!

2. US Patent
The United State Patent and Trademark Office has reviewed our system and awarded us a patent for the materials your student can access. To see this patent, we invite you to search it!
Follow these instructions:
a. Go to www.uspto.gov
b. Click Patent, then patent basics
c. Search patents with the number 10,679,512
We are excited to have your student use this patented test preparation system!

3. 80+ Diagnostic Tests
Over the past few years, we have created over 80 full Diagnostic Tests for the SAT and ACT.
All of these tests are high quality exams that mimic the testing done on the SAT or ACT.
The difficulty level of our tests are the same, if not more difficult, than the actual tests so you
can guarantee to receive appropriate training!

4. Fast Scoring Test Results
As soon as the test is completed, the test taker will be able to see their test scores!
They will also be able to see an analysis of their test results which will provide Individual
Make Up Study (IMS) questions and Weak Area List (WAL) questions. The IMS questions are
generated by looking at the type of questions the student is getting wrong and providing them
with additional questions of the same type to practice. The WAL questions are the questions
they got incorrect on the test they just took and allows them a ‘second-chance’ of getting them
right knowing the answer they originally selected was wrong.
Both of these sets of questions will help students understand what mistakes they are making
and help them improve their scores!