Online Registration & Payment - Y2academy

Online Registration Policy

If a student has been registered by Online Registration and wishes to quit our program, following Cancellation Fees will be charged to the family.

Before 1st Diagnostic Test

  1. Cancellation Fee ($100): If a student has been registered by ‘Online Registration’ and wishes to quit our program, $100 will be charged to the family.
  2. Square-Up Service Charge (about $130): 2.9% Square-up service fee on ‘Paid Amount’ paid by the payer’s credit card will be charged due to the online transaction between the payer’s credit card and the deposited bank account to the Y2 Academy.

After 1st Diagnostic Test

  1. Once payment has been made, there will be no refunds awarded without exception. However, a family can receive a pro-rated credit to Y2Academy for any unused class days.
  2. The credit may be transferred to a sibling, sold to another student, or given as a gift certificate.
  3. After taking the first Diagnostic Test with Y2 Staff, each student will be able to access the Practice Tests and Learning System. This includes our IMS (Individual Makeup Study), WAL (Weak Area List), WMP (Weakness Makeup Processor), Grammar Rules, Math Formula, and Vocabulary.
  4. Similar to our In-Class option, Y2 students taking the Online-Live option are qualified to receive the same benefits of our ‘Score Guarantee Policy’ which is detailed at our website, y2academy.com.
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