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Online Self Study

It is designed to provide SAT or ACT test prep for foreign students or students who are living
outside of the states that have existing Y2 Academy Centers (New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina).

The “Online Self Study” program is a self-paced website that helps to improve a student’s SAT
or ACT scores by using the Y2 Online Study System. This system is patented in the United
States and is one of the most outstanding learning systems in the world.

1) Who can enroll?
a. Students residing Foreign Countries, outside of the United States
b. Students living in all states of US with exception of the following 6 states:
NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, and NC.

2) What materials are provided?
a. Diagnostic Tests (18 Tests)
b. Math Formulas (Important equations and information about math questions on the SAT or ACT)
c. Grammar Rules (Important grammar rules that are being tested on the SAT or ACT)
d. Vocabulary (Vocabulary words that should be understood when taking the SAT or ACT)
e. Individual Makeup Study questions that are individually generated based on the results
of the Diagnostic Tests
f. Weak Area List to review incorrectly answered questions on the Diagnostic Tests.

3) What are the benefits?
a. Lower Rate of Tuition: About 35% of the regular Y2 Online Study Program with lecture included
b. Individualized test prep with access to all the assigned Diagnostic Tests, Math Formula,
Grammar Rules, Vocabulary, Individualized Study Materials, and Practice Tests on the
Online system for 120 days.

4) How do I enroll?
a. Select ‘Online Self Study” on the front page.
b. Fill out the form with your credit card payment and click ‘Submit’.
c. A receipt will be emailed back promptly. Please print this out and keep for your records.
d. If you have any questions, email the Y2 Academy Main Office at mainoffice@y2academy.com

5) Notifications
a. ‘Online Self Study’ is not applicable to Score Guarantee Policy described on the front page
b. On the characteristic of ‘ Online Study’, Paid Tuition is “Non Refundable’ in any case.
3. As soon as the payment is made, enrolled student & parents will receive the log-in credential
and ‘Online Self-study guideline’ in 24 hours. The Guideline shows instructions about
what to do and how to do on the system.
d. If you have questions, please email us at mainoffice @y2academy.com.
You will be replied in one or two business days.

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