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Overall Test Score View

1)Test Scores
Looking back at previous test scores is important. It allows you to see your growth trend as you work through our tests, IMS and WAL questions, and practice tests. It will also allow you to see what subjects you may need to put more time and effort into and what categories you should focus on.

The Overall Test Score View consists of three sections: Test Scores, Test Record Processor, and Score Graph (as seen below).

1. Test Scores
Test Scores will show you your individual diagnostic test scores you have completed. It shows the scores for each section and the combined test score for all sections for each test you take. It will also allow you to see a class average score so you can compare yourself to other students taking the same test!

2. Test Score Processor and Score Graph
Sometimes, you might want to see all previous test records on the same page.
That’s where the Test Record Processor comes in handy! You will be able to access any previously completed test all on one page. Checking out our Score Graph will allow you to see a graph of your results for an easier way to see the progress you are making.