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Practice Tests

In order for your student to improve their academic skills and achieve a score that they are
proud of on the SAT or ACT, we provide much more than just the analysis for the test that was
just taken (see our information about the IMS or WAL).

Practice Tests are great ways to work on specific types of questions from each section of the
SAT or ACT. We have taken the time to carefully categorize every question on these tests into
unique topics. These topics are organized into Math Formulas, Grammar Rules, and Vocabulary.
The Math Formula topics represent the different types of math questions you will see on the tests.
The Grammar Rules topics represent the different types of writing or grammar questions seen
on the tests. Finally, Vocabulary questions represent the words we feel your student should
know in order to succeed on the grammar/writing sections or reading sections on the test.

Along with the Math Formula, Grammar Rules, and Vocabulary, we have full practice tests as well.
These practice tests have no time limits (unlike the diagnostic tests that the student takes that
mimic the actual SAT or ACT). This allows your student the time to find a correct solution by
any means necessary (including using Google)! The practice tests are a great opportunity for
your student to take the time to figure out the answer to a question in an area they are weak in
and to ultimately improve their scores on the real tests!