USPTO - Y2academy

Y2 Academy Online System has received a Patent,

issued by USPTO

The Y2 Academy Online System has recently received a Non-Provisional Patent issued by the United States Federal Government. This 20 Year Non-Provisional Patent is a testament to Y2 Academy’s experience with the Online Learning System. As we strive towards educational excellence within a remote learning environment, we intend to uphold the same level of academic integrity and esteem as we have in the past. We look forward to working with you and your family to further your student’s journey towards higher education.

Details on our Official US Patent at USPTO(The United States Patent & Trademark Office):

1.Non-Provisional Patent: System Patent covering Wide Range & Details in deep as well.
2.To view the patent: www.uspto.gov > Patent > Patent basics > Search patents > Patent Number Search > input ‘10,679,512’ in Query > Images > Full Pages
3.The Y2 Academy Online System is protected from Copyright Infringement under this patent.
4.If a third party were to violate the privilege of this patent, they would be prosecuted under the infringement of Copyright. Y2 students are being provided with unique educational materials.
5.In the event that you would like to use the patent: Contact Y2 Academy Main Office at 300 Marlton Pike West, Cherry Hill NJ 08002, Phone: 856 888 2123, Email: mainoffice@y2academy.com